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Do you like reading? What do you usually read?

Today, we surveyed the students to ask them about their reading habits and favorite books, and this is what they said: [photopress:sabrina.jpg,thumb,centered] Sabrina says: “I like animal stories because they are cute and pretty. I like comic books, too; they are very funny.” [photopress:Johnny.jpg,thumb,centered] Johnny says “I like reading!” “I like story books because they’re interesting and funny.… Read More »

Reading books

I like to read many types of stories, like adventure stories, meaningful stories and comics. I like to read adventure stories are because they are exciting and interesting. “Tree house” and “Darrenshan” ‘s books are my favorite adventure stories. I like to have adventure with the characters like John and Darren in the stories. It’s really exciting. Meaningful… Read More »