English, English Everywhere

By | October 31, 2008

Children love games and they love challenges, too. If you want to interest your children in English, show them how English is everywhere in their lives.

It’s surprising how many places have English words, names, phrases, etc., from the obvious MacDonald’s sign to the famous “Trust me! You can make it!” TV advertisement.

But there are even more. When you have time, or you go on a car journey, get the kids to watch out for English signs, words and phrases on the street signs, etc. Talk about the words, and what they might mean. Give prizes or praise for each one they spot or guess correctly!

Soon your children will open their eyes to all the English around them. Then they will feel English is something to understand, enjoy, and to take part in. Best of all, they might learn something at the same time.

(first published in Koala Newsletter, March 1998.)




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