Travel in Taipei by Alice and Lisa

By | August 14, 2009

I live in Taipei, and my friends live in Taipei too, and many people live in Taipei.

Taipei’s air is polluted, and the traffic is very busy too.

Taipei is big, and it has many places you can go to play, shop, and eat.

At Tamsui you can go to the historic street for shopping where you can eat A-gay and fish balls. They’re good to eat.

In Taipei, you can take the MRT to Sogo or Mitzukoshi department store, or Takahimaya or the shopping malls.

In the shopping mall, I like to go to the pet store to see the animals and candy store. The candy is sweet and beautiful, and the animals are cute.

I like Taipei because there are many department stores and shopping malls.


Alice & Lisa




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