Basketball, basketball, it’s everywhere!

By | September 21, 2007

By Emily Chen

“Dunk it through the net, Bill”, a boy shouted. “Yes, we won”, everyone cried. A team has just won a game. Basketball is very popular with teenagers and children in Taiwan. It’s like football in England, everybody likes a sport particularly.

The first reason is teenagers are influenced by Americans. Teens can watch a lot of sports channels in T.V. and they often see professional basketball players in games. So they want to copy them and be like them.

The second reason is it doesn’t take a lot of space to play basketball. A net and a ball would make a game, even if you haven’t got a team to play with, you can still practice by yourself. Unlike tennis or football, you can easily get a net yourself and not have to wait for ages.

I like playing basketball as well, it’s cheap and fast. I don’t need to buy a racket or a helmet. Only a ball will do, and it’s great to play with friends because we can learn teamwork.




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