Explore Our World Apps for Mobile

Explore Our World Apps for Mobile – Android and IOS 在Android和IOS平台上安裝“Explore Our World” APP! Click the QR code or use a QR app to get the link IOS Platform – Apple Store https://qrgo.page.link/EQgW7 Android Platform – Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cengage.natgeo.games.exploreourworld

Summer is Time for Settlers of Catan

  Settlers of Catan is an awesome game to play with students who are basically good at speaking. They get involved quickly once the game is set up! There is a lot of negotiation, instructions, listening and some reading needed to play the game. It’s complicated, but grade 5 or 6 students should have no trouble playing it!… Read More »

S is for Strawberries… And Summer Vacation!

Summer Vacation July 21st ~ August 5th 2018暑假開始了! 暑假從7/21 開始至 8/5 (8/6 開課!) 請家長盡量在這段期間安排 – 您和孩子的休假或旅遊! Happy Summer Holidays To Y’All! 快去避暑吧! If you need to leave a message, call our phone number! 如果有事,請打Dickson的電話號碼!可以留言!