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我們學生的寫作: 故事,詩歌,演講… Enjoy! Discover what students think on a range of subjects! 圖畫故事和文章,我們的學生真的什麼都可以寫,了解學生的想法!

Teacher Ken’s Helpers

學會了許多職業, 我們看了一本書 Mr. Noisy’s Helpers. 然後就做這本書. 小朋友必須先造句, 告訴我他想畫的職業, 然後才開始畫. 畫好了, 影印分給大家裝訂成冊, 就成了一人一本. Teacher Ken’s Helpers. (Jim, Grade 3) Who can help Teacher Ken when he is sick? (Jim, Grade 3) The nurses or the doctors. (Jim, Grade 3) Who can help Teacher Ken when he wants a house? (Brian, Grade 2) The construction workers. (Brian, Grade 2) Who… Read More »

Shichi-Go-San Festival by Shelly

Japan has Shichi-Go-San Festival.  Shichi is for seven-year-old girls; Go is for five-year-old boys; San is for three-year-old boys and girls.  Japanese girls wear kimonos and obis.  Japanese boys wear kimonos, obis and hakamas.  November 15th is Japanese Children’s Day.  They go to temples, wash hands, they put donation and pray.  And they can eat candy.