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我們學生的寫作: 故事,詩歌,演講…

Time Machine by Shelly

I used the time machine to go to 1949.  I saw many people.  Some people (were) from China.  The China people was (were) very bad.  Because they saw who and they kill who. (They killed whoever they saw.)  So the Taiwan had many people died. (So in Taiwan, many people died.)  And I went back the time machine.

Time Machine by Sammy

Tony wanted to have one time machine, so Tony could go to any years Tony wanted to.  First Tony went to see dinosaur.  After that, he saw many cowboys riding horses.  I want to have time machine too, and I want to go to the year 1879, because we have electric light to use.

Time Machine by Nikki

I bought a time machine, because I wanted to know my future.  I turned the key to my brand-new time machine.  I wanted to go to 2030.  I saw my honey, he was very handsome.  Then I went to the year 2035.  I saw my daughter.  She was very cute.  She looked like me.  When I say my… Read More »