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我們學生的寫作: 故事,詩歌,演講…

Time Machine by Julie

I turned on the brand-new time machine.  First I went to Japan.  In Japan, I saw lots of people on foot.  And they didn’t smoke.  the smell was so good.  And I bought lots of food.  I went back the time machine.  And went to Africa.  In Africa lon time ago, they didn’t have lots of food.  But… Read More »

Time Machine by Jessica

It was Shelly’s first time to use her time machine.  She was very happy, but she didn’t know how to use it, so Shelly press (pressed) the wrong button.  She went to Mars and saw many ET ( ETs).  She is (was) very excited.  She play (played) all day.  Many ETs was (were)  her friend (friends).  She got… Read More »

Time Machine by Eva

If I have a time machine, I want to know my furture.  Because if I know my future I will be very happy.  Because if I can be a teacher and I will read many many books.  If I know my future can be an idol I will be very happy.

Time Machine by Amy

I bought my time machine to go to 2007.  Because I wanted to see my father.  I miss my father very much.  I wanted to stop that accident.  But I didn’t want to see my father die again.  And I wanted to 2035.  Because I wanted to see my honey.  My honey was tall or short?  Fat or… Read More »