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我們學生的寫作: 故事,詩歌,演講…

Ghost Festival by Joanna

The Ghost Festival is you have relative who died.  (You do something for the relatives who died on Ghost Festival.) You can give ghosts money during ghost festival. You can’t put table in your home, because ghosts can come in home, and your family can have fever and cold.  I don’t like ghost festival, because ghosts are very… Read More »

Ghost Festival by Julie

In (During) the Ghost Festival we can’t say you go to die.  They are bad words.  Because the ghosts died.  So we can’t say you die.  We say it and the ghosts play tricks on you.  We don’t go home so (too) late at night.  Because the ghosts play tricks on you (too).  So the Ghost Festival is so bad.  We can’t… Read More »

Ghost Festival by Sabrina

Ghost Festival is on the seventh lunar month.  We give ghosts money and we also make food or cookies for the ghosts.  I think the ghosts is (are) good, because we give they (them) money and food, they doesn’t (don’t) give us bad things and (but) give us happy days.

Ghost Festival by Sammy

The Ghost Festival is (when) the ghost come to the earth to visit the families and others come back to eat food.  I don’t like the Ghost Festival because some ghosts are unfriendly.  I don’t like the Ghost Festival because the unfriendly ghosts will cause troubles.  I don’t like ghosts.

Ghost Festival by Shelly

I am scared of Ghost Festival.  Because there are many ghost in my home (around).  On Ghost Festival my mother puts ghost money, food, water and towel for ghosts.  My mother says, “Ghost money, food, water and food put outside the house, (Put ghost money, food, water and towel outside the house) bucause put food inside the house,… Read More »