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Learning Chess: Stretch your mind!

Our class of students were learning how to play Chess as part of their topic “My Time” in New Parade Book 5 Unit 2. Team 1: The Girls. They are playing White! Well done, Judy, June, Coco, Gillian, and Wendy. Team 2: The Boys. They are playing Black! Can they beat five talented girls!? Go, Sammy and Johnny!… Read More »

Story Time: Teacher Ken 邀請你來聽故事!

Story Time! Teacher Ken 邀請你來聽故事 ( OH YA! ) 教你用English點餐,請你吃lunch (WOW !) 座位有限,請來電預約: 28083739 Date: 6/30 ( 星期六) Time: 上午10:30~12:00 (別睡過頭了! ) Place: MOS Burger 3F (竹圍摩斯漢堡3F) Do you ever eat a mouse hamburger??? It’s really gross, isn’t it? 6/30是我們的Good Friend, Tommy‘s birthday. Teacher Ken 要做一個好吃的漢堡for Tommy. But guess what? Teacher Ken竟然不知道漢堡肉是什麼肉? Smart的小朋友,你可以來幫忙嗎? Please! Teacher Ken needs your… Read More »