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Learning Chess: Stretch your mind!

Our class of students were learning how to play Chess as part of their topic “My Time” in New Parade Book 5 Unit 2. Team 1: The Girls. They are playing White! Well done, Judy, June, Coco, Gillian, and Wendy. Team 2: The Boys. They are playing Black! Can they beat five talented girls!? Go, Sammy and Johnny!… Read More »

Sean and May: Saying Goodbye!

On Friday we had a little pizza party to wish two students well as their high school careers begin! May and Sean have been with us for more than four years, and during that time have covered nearly 2/3rds of our curriculum. We have high hopes for both of them, and wish them well in their new Junior… Read More »

Story Time: Teacher Ken 邀請你來聽故事!

Story Time! Teacher Ken 邀請你來聽故事 ( OH YA! ) 教你用English點餐,請你吃lunch (WOW !) 座位有限,請來電預約: 28083739 Date: 6/30 ( 星期六) Time: 上午10:30~12:00 (別睡過頭了! ) Place: MOS Burger 3F (竹圍摩斯漢堡3F) Do you ever eat a mouse hamburger??? It’s really gross, isn’t it? 6/30是我們的Good Friend, Tommy‘s birthday. Teacher Ken 要做一個好吃的漢堡for Tommy. But guess what? Teacher Ken竟然不知道漢堡肉是什麼肉? Smart的小朋友,你可以來幫忙嗎? Please! Teacher Ken needs your… Read More »