Mobiles in Everyday Life: Student Writing

By | August 31, 2007


by Emily Chen

One of the things I wanted was a mobile phone. I’ve been thinking about it for one or two months, and I have been saving money every week. Now let me tell you the main two reasons why I want to have a mobile phone.

spotlight phoneFirst a mobile phone has the entertainment section. If it’s a good mobile phone, you can find games, a camera and a MP3 player in it. Whenever I’m bored, I would take out my mum’s mobile and start playing games. My mum used to have a Mario game, which was quite fun. My friend has a tennis games in her mobile , which is really fun! I like camera as well, apart from just taking pictures of other people you can put on different kinds of frames as well. Last of all, I was really surprised when I heard a mobile has a MP3 player! Now I see lots of people using mobiles to listen to music instead of using the real MP3!

Second, when my cram school finishes, I always have to take out a penny or two to phone my mother, so if I have a mobile I wouldn’t have to use the public telephone. Besides, what if I don’t have a penny or two and there it’s quite difficult to find a public telephone nowadays.

I think having mobiles is great! But mum says I can have it when I’m bigger, it might be next summer or next week. Who knows?




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