By | September 27, 2014

A Great Tool: PuzzleMaker Online – Make puzzles for your students to solve!

Word Searches are a popular form of entertainment in Britain for adults and kids. It’s pretty easy to use more limited vocabulary sets and create searches for ESL and EFL students. But there’s a quicker way with PuzzleMaker online.

There are a variety of other types of puzzles but nothing beats the simplicity and effectiveness of the straightforward WordSearch puzzle.


So create your wordlist. Then you can go to the Puzzlemaker Website and paste your list.

wordsearch image

The instructions are pretty clear on the page itself. But what I typically do with the results is paste them into a table in Word and create a complete worksheet itself. Once you make up the standard block in Word, it’s pretty easy to copy and paste the results into it.

You can pretty much choose any vocabulary set you need: animals, machines, jobs, colors, whatever… and then program them into the table. I made a sample one for children’s class, but you can do this for adult learners, too.

Check to see the sample Word Search created with this tool as a PDF.





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