Summer Camp Recommendations

By | April 29, 2006

I was looking at some courses, and in fact I asked a colleague of mine who works in the field for references.

My colleague recommended one school in England that you may want to take a look at: ( brochure download )

A complete guide for their children’s courses can be found at:

This course will include students from a variety of backgrounds / countries / interests so it should offer your children a great deal.

There is only one downside that I can see, and that is accommodation. It’s only college accommodation’ You may ask for further information on this point. It certainly is worth asking. For fees, you can click on the ‘fees’ tabs or download this. I would suggest that you think about what you want then ask for a quotation.

If you were willing to consider Australia or Canada, perhaps there are some other schools I could mention.

Another School:

English Country Schools, 18 Riverside, Winchcombe, England GL54 5JP
fax / tel: +44 1242 604067

It might be worth checking out.

Best Wishes




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