The Baby Dinosaur Whisperer

By | June 30, 2022

The Baby Dinosaur Whisperer

Max Rex helps baby dinosaurs because they get scared or have problems. Sometimes they are scared of angry so they bite people.

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People call Max the “Baby Dinosaur Whisperer” because he teaches bad baby dinosaurs how to be good. He knows what baby dinosaurs want and need. They need a father and mother. They need exercise and sleep, too.

Max Rex can help baby dinosaurs, too, if they get angry or have problems. Sometimes they are scared, so Max Rex helps them.

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But if they are hungry, they will try to eat Max. He is angry so he will eat the baby dinosaurs. He thinks dinosaur meat is yummy, then he wants to eat dinosaur hot pot. Max loves his job! Do you want to do this job?

Written by Kelly, Kiki, Alice, Max, Ian and Alfred. 




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