what important that electricity is

By | July 27, 2007

Many machines in our lives can’t work without electricity. For example, air conditioner and refrigerator are both important in summer and both of these things can’t operate without electricity.

Electricity really influences our lives a lot. It will be very difficult for us to live without electricity. Many basic things must work with electricity. For example, if there is no electricity, none of the lights can lit and we can’t do things when we can’t see stuff clearly. If there is no electricity, we can’t use internet. It will be a serious problem for us, because many governments and companies do their main job on internet. And there won’t be news if there is no power. So if there is no electricity there is no way that we can broadcast news. There are two reasons about why electricity is important for machines work. The machines that work with electricity are safer than those don’t. For example, there was no electricity, so trains operated by burning coal and driver might be burned. And nowadays trains are safer, we just drive them by pushing buttons and the electricity will make trains operate. Moreover we can make things the same by using electricity. If we want to make all pies of chocolate the same size, we can’t make it by hand. Electronic machines can help us do things much more quickly and perfectly.

Everybody knows that electricity is too important to our lives. So, let’s save the power together.




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