Why Do People In Taiwan Like Movies?

By | August 1, 2022

There are many movies and theaters in Taiwan. People enjoy the movie when they are in the theater. But why do many people in Taiwan like movies so much?

Movies are fun. They are exciting, interesting, and they can be scary, terrible, sad or romantic. Each movie has their special feature. Action moves, like “Mission Impossible” and “X-men” usually have some exciting action. They might fight and do something impossible. Horror movies, like “Biohazard” will be very scary. They will make you unable to sleep in the night. Romantic movies, like “Titanic” are talking about love. Maybe they are not for children.

People sometimes watch movies when they feel bored, have nothing to do or when they feel stressful. Seeing a movie is another way to make you relax, just like TV. Movies can tell an interesting story to people, but a good movie can also change our minds. It can tell us what to do in our life, what we need to do when we meet friends, how to make us cleverer. In some ways, movies are a good teacher.

Movies are changing our life, like TV. Next time after you saw a movie, remember to learn what the movie told you. Don’t forget it!

Photo by Felipe Bustillo on Unsplash




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