Yao Ming by Michael

By | December 11, 2008

Why Yao Ming can be so successful? There are a lot of reasons about why he can be so successful. Now, he is one of the most famous NBA professional basketball players he is the best basketball player in China, he is the tallest player in NBA. In the last year, his clothes are sold in Taiwan and they sold well. And then, he works under the Reebok and plays in Houston Rockets.

The reason why he is so successful is he can talk to everybody with a good attitude, and he has big magic that he can say anything and makes others laugh. And the other reason is he is so friendly, just like a neighborhood next to you, if you are in an unfamiliar place, he’ll be like a big brother to take care everything of you. There is an example about why he can be successful.

There is a performance led to a memorable televised incident where TNT Charles Barkley, having lost a bet in which he stated Yao Ming would never scored 20 points in a game.

By Michael




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