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Celine’s Views of School Life

This speech was written by one of our former students, Celine! One Thing I’d Like to Change about My School and How I Would Do It..! “The lack of the recognition of one’s identity” is the thing I’d like to change most about my school. Identifying oneself includes such aspects like teamwork, interpersonal relationships, internationalism and a group… Read More »

What do you want to be? Our Students Write…

In Parade III Unit 3 we talk about student’s jobs and jobs in the community. It’s a lot of fun! Yanger wrote: “I want to be a cook when I grow up. Because I like noodles. I like to work in a restaurant. I can cook beef noodles.” Gina wrote: “I want to be a teacher when I… Read More »

輕鬆學會KK音標 (1書+2CD)

《輕鬆學會KK音標》(1書+2CD) 書  名: 輕鬆學KK音標(書+2CD) 作  者: 大衛王 ISBN號碼: 9572000233 定  價: 250 規  格: 書+2CD 出 版 社: 幾何文化 本書是最專業道地的發音示範教學,全面掌握發音構造及原理,讓你真正達成無痛苦超快速學習,標準美式發音零障礙學習法,由大衛王&外籍Ken Dickson老師 專業發音,讓你不再是不敢開說英語;讓你練就一口標準英語發音,不再是半調子的英文學習者!  

全民英語能力分級檢定測驗 (初級班/中級班)

全民英語能力分級檢定測驗 Q. What is GEPT? 即是「全民英語能力分級檢定 測驗」的簡稱,由教育部補助 研發,自八十九年起由財團法 人語言訓練測驗中心主辦。 全民英檢有其分級的標準,檢 定測驗分成初試及複試,初試 包括聽力及閱讀測驗,複試則 測驗口語及表達能力;通過初 試者才能參加複試,且須初、 複試的成績皆達 80 分才通 過,通過「全民英檢」合格標 準者將頒給。 GEPT 全民英檢班 – Are you ready? Register Today!