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Explore Our World Books 1 ~ 3

全球第一套以《國家地理雜誌》圖片及內容為編寫主軸的兒童美語教材。真實的照片給予學生視覺上多元的刺激。引領學生透過學習英語認識真實世界,拓展多元新視野。  以《國家地理雜誌》授權之跨頁大圖,帶入單元主題。 全套共六冊,每冊八個單元,每單元八課。每四個單元有兩頁複習。課程內容著重培育學生21 世紀關鍵能力。初學者可搭配使用Our World Starter 級數,課程銜接更完整。單字和句子更簡易,逐步架構學習者英語基礎。  團訂客戶專有資源: 教學資源光碟(含教務表單、讀本搭配推薦表等)及專業教師進修計畫DVD,可增強教學技巧。詳洽敦煌書局各區業務代表。 *本系列學生用書所附之線上平台MyNGconnect 因Adobe Flash於2020 年12 月底後無法再更新,平台下架無法使用。 CEFR:Pre A1~A2 For students • Student Book + CDs(2) • Workbook + CD • Readers


近幾年學生參加基礎級別 GEPT 聽力和閱讀, 還有3名學生通過了口語/寫作測試。 Photo by Guille Álvarez on Unsplash 2018年GEPT成績數據匯總GEPT* 結果由學生報告。任何錯誤,都會更新(Google Sheet)

Dragon Boat Festival Traditions 1

We were talking about Dragon Boat Festival Traditions and one that I hadn’t heard of before was ‘Artemisia argyi – Wikipedia‘ or silvery wormwood or Chinese mugwort! In Taiwan, it’s called “Artemisia indica“, of which there are about 15 varieties. I’m told this is hung over doors to scare away demons or ghosts during the hot season!

GEPT Listening Successes

Recently two students in Junior High School scored really well on the listening test in GEPT Foundation Level Quiz. They attained 116/120. I wasn’t surprised particularly because I knew them well. However, I then decided to let the classmates who didn’t register for GEPT try a listening practice. You could have knocked me over with a feather when… Read More »