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GEPT Oral: Last Minute Question Practice

Q1. If you had a million dollars, what would you buy for your mother? Why?had = imaginative or creative meaning. You are using past tense to imagine something that is possible but might not happen. IT IS POSSIBLE, though. Q2. What are you like at school? Are you the same at happen?to be like = asks you to… Read More »

Learning Chess: A good way to exercise your brain!

Our class of students were learning how to play Chess as part of their topic “My Time” in New Parade Book 5 Unit 2. Team 1: The Girls. They are playing White! Well done, Judy, June, Coco, Gillian, and Wendy. Team 2: The Boys. They are playing Black! Can they beat five talented girls!? Go, Sammy and Johnny!… Read More »

Create Reading Experiences for your Students: It’s in your voice!

The more interactive you make reading, the more eager children will be to read on their own. When young readers connect the words on pages to actions of their own, vocabulary and ideas are reinforced in ways you could never do by merely reading the book. Recreate the story One way to connect action to reading is to… Read More »