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因疫情越來越嚴重,許多學生和他們的家長也被居家隔離或得到Covid-19。 所以在接下來的兩周裡(5/23~6/3),狄克森美語的課程在線上進行。 很抱歉,我們知道這對許多家庭來說並不容易。 如有任何疑問,請訪問、致電、LINE 或發送電子郵件給我們!我們的辦公室照常營業。 **但如果你來,我們可能會在線教學! 不便之處,敬請見諒!** 我們希望每個人都安全、健康和快樂。 Regards, Kenneth, Christine & Terry 如有需要,請致電我們 02-28083739 或 LINE。  

Visit to Zhuwei Elementary School

Zhuwei Elementary School is the local school for where we are. Today we went to visit and give out flyers! Busy day today: giving out DMs in the morning for HOURS; cleaning up the classroom in the afternoon at Some how managed to get sunburn, but it was cloudy, overcast & rainy! Amazing. Thanks, Christine Lin, Terry… Read More »