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Summer Vacation 2019

Summer Vacation July 13th ~ August 4th 2019暑假開始了! 暑假從7/13 開始至 8/4 (8/5 – 星期一開課!) 請家長盡量在這段期間安排 您和孩子的休假或旅遊! Happy Summer Holidays To Y’All! 快去避暑吧!

S is for Strawberries… And Summer Vacation!

Summer Vacation July 21st ~ August 5th 2018暑假開始了! 暑假從7/21 開始至 8/5 (8/6 開課!) 請家長盡量在這段期間安排 – 您和孩子的休假或旅遊! Happy Summer Holidays To Y’All! 快去避暑吧! If you need to leave a message, call our phone number! 如果有事,請打Dickson的電話號碼!可以留言!


A B C 班: 針對沒有程度學生,特別研發的字母,自然發音學習法,訓練加強聽說能力. 小一全語言班:針對有程度的小一*二新鮮人, 量身訂做的英語課程,就原來程度再繼續提升其聽,說,讀,寫的能力*(歡迎來測驗程度)

Visit to Zhuwei Elementary School

Zhuwei Elementary School is the local school for where we are. Today we went to visit and give out flyers! Busy day today: giving out DMs in the morning for HOURS; cleaning up the classroom in the afternoon at Some how managed to get sunburn, but it was cloudy, overcast & rainy! Amazing. Thanks, Christine Lin, Terry… Read More »