Writing Letters to Each Other

By | August 17, 2017

In these days of email, it’s a rare thing that children receive or get to send letters. This week’s activity was a round robin activity where students got to write a letter, mail it, and wait for a response.

I’ve attached the images of letters that the students wrote for each other. It’s a small class at the moment, so there were only 3 letters that they mailed to each other. But it was fun!

A surprisingly tactile thing to do, as well: students got to touch the paper, write in ink, write the envelope, seal everything up, affix a stamp, and take it to the mailbox. Somehow email isn’t as exciting, is it!?

The teacher’s role was limited to teaching how to format a letter, how to write the envelope, checking the grammar/writing style, and helping students with individual problems.



Thanks to Joy, David & Mina!




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