Yellowstone Park Rangers

By | April 2, 2024

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This is a very famous National Park in the United States. It’s called “Yellowstone National Park“. Would you like to work here?

waterfalls and mountain

Yellowstone Park Rangers

Listen to the story! Then answer the questions on the worksheet!

Abby and Connor have interesting jobs. They’re Yellowstone Park Rangers, so they work outside most of the time.

man in blue jacket standing on bridge during daytime

They have a lot of things to do: they are police officers, but they also do emergency services. Of course, their job can be dangerous: they have to help save people in trouble, fight fires and catch bad people!

brown and black deer running on grassland

They’re also working with animals: bears, wolves, moose and bison. Each of these animals is strong, fast, and dangerous to people.

a brown bear sitting on the side of a road

If you visit Yellowstone National Park, they will tell you: “Never leave food in your car! Bears will break into your car! Don’t feed animals or go near them! They’re wild!”

New Words

  • emergency (緊急情況) ______________________________
  • service (服務) ______________________________
  • national park (國家公園) ______________________________
  • wolf – wolves (狼 – 狼群) ______________________________
  • trouble (麻煩) ______________________________
  • wild (野生) ______________________________

1. Do you like to visit national parks in Taiwan?

2. Do you like wild animals?

3. Do you want to be a park ranger?




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