Kenneth是一名語言老師。 他目前在淡水教授兒童和年輕人的語言和流利技能,以幫助提高學生的英語能力。


語言對教育工作者來說是一個強大的工具,這是他在研究古典希臘語、文化和古代歷史的碩士課程中學到的一課。 從英國聖安德魯斯大學畢業後,他在來台灣之前接受了ELT專業培訓並獲得了CELTA證書。



Kenneth Dickson is a language teacher. He currently teaches children and younger adults language and fluency skills in Tamsui to help improve students competence in English. 

His programs run from elementary level (A0) to intermediate level (B2) with the aims of meeting their academic goals, achieving exam success and also personal growth. 

Language is a powerful tool for educators, a lesson that he learned in his Masters program studying Classical Greek, Culture and Ancient History. After graduating from St. Andrews University, UK, he undertook professional training in ELT gaining a CELTA before coming to Taiwan. 

Taiwan offered a lot of different opportunities to teach and learn: Business English (ChengChih University), Academic English (Chinese Culture University), materials development, publishing, consulting opportunities, and so on. 

More recently, his professional interests have moved to freelance writing, photography, and website development.