A different Christmas

By | February 11, 2006

Christmas is a very important festival for many people because at Christmas they are very happy. But I think Christmas is not perfect, now. So, if I can change it, I’m going to make a better Christmas, better scenery, better way to celebrate and more love from people.

First, in many books, we read that America’s Christmas is very beautiful. And I want to make Taiwan’s Christmas more beautiful and have better scenery. In Taiwan, there is no snow, but I want to make it, because I want all the people to experience playing with snow, seeing the beautiful snow and making snowmen. Then I want to make Christmas trees to make a green Christmas. At last, I want to make people love each other and be happy in Christmas.

Second, I want to change the way that people celebrate it. I want everybody to go out to play with other people and not just stay home watching TV or playing computer. Everybody will play in the Chrismas together. Like, the present I think the presents are not only for children. It can give to everyone. We don’t just give others present, we also exchange present in Christmas, because I think changing present is more interesting than give present.

Third, I want Christmas to have more love in Taiwan. and I want everybody to love everyone in the world, to love poor, love thieves, and love the people that you don’t know in this world. Then I want everybody to learn to forgive, forgive killers, forgive thieves and try to forgive all the people that did bad things in the world. And I want everybody to have a Christmas without punish. We won’t punishment everyone in this happy festival.

Finally, I want everybody to be happy at Chrismas. And everybody will love others. Then, everyone will have a new hope and a new year. Happy Chrismas.




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