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Michael’s: Nike’s Shoes

NIKE’s shoes nike I like Nike’s shoes and cloths. Because I feel wear Nike’s shoes is comfortable. When you play run,jump and climd,Nike’s shoes will give big power.Because Nike’s company design their shoes to athlete. I see many sport man always wear Nike’s shoes and clothes. So I think Nike’s shoes is useful. But Nike’s thing almost is… Read More »

My favorite brand

I like to wear shoes of New Balance. Why? First, my father has a V.I.P card, the price will be 25% percent discount, so it is a good price. I buy two pairs of sneakers each time. Second, they arevery comfortable. I can run fast, I can jump, I can dance. They always make my feet feel well.… Read More »

from Simon

Hello everyone, my name is Simon. I’m twelve years old. I live in Taipei county. I like to play basketball and read books. I want to be an austronut when I grow up. I am happy to be friend with you.


故事:三隻小熊 Goldilocks and the Three Bears 時間:7/22 下午 4:30 狄克森美語教室 Ken 叔叔講故事 9/30 下午2:00 The farmer and the Beet