Summer is Time for Settlers of Catan

By | October 20, 2023

P_20180816_204630 (1) 

Settlers of Catan is an awesome game to play with students who are basically good at speaking. They get involved quickly once the game is set up! There is a lot of negotiation, instructions, listening and some reading needed to play the game. It’s complicated, but grade 5 or 6 students should have no trouble playing it! Winning is easy to mark!

There were a few rules we got wrong like building communities before upgrading; and siting cities away from each other. Oddly, I think the errors speeded up our game! No one actually won the game, but Julian came close at 9 points. I was too busy teaching the students how to play to look after my own strategy! It was ace!

Thanks to Dustin Staats for reminding me about board games! I have a fair sized collection of games that need playing!




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