Why jeans are so popular

By | December 18, 2007

On the street, there are many people who wear jeans. Jeans have become more popular with modern people since about fifty years ago. The first jeans were made for workers. Why have jeans changed so much during these years? I think there are four reasons.

Firstly, jeans can male people’s legs look longer and thinner. And most of the modern people think long and thin legs are much more beautiful than short and fat legs, so people love to wear jeans very much. For example models usually like to wear jeans to show how beautiful their legs are.

The second reason, jeans are so popular that everyone wears them. So, some people wanted to be unique, and people who wanted to be unique started to make their pants different from others. After that, many different kind of jeans came out, then more and more people started to wear jeans because of the features of jeans, like holes in jeans or different colors of jeans appeared

The third reason, jeans are usually make with hard material, so jeans are hard to rip. This reason makes jeans popular with workers. Jeans for work are usually cheaper than jeans for other uses. Like, construction workers and some of the fishermen.

The fourth reason, it’s also the most important one, jeans are very flexible , they match up with most of the clothes very well. That is the most popular kind of all the fashion pants. You can go almost every where with a pair of jeans, you can go to work, go to see the president, perhaps you can go biking and go jogging.

International fashion designers think that jeans will continue to be popular in the near future. And I think jeans will be my favorite pants in my high school career. Jeans are just fantastic for a junior high school student.Original Text




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